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This disclosure governs the use of the website Destroy Tokyo, accessible at Destroy Tokyo is a Japan-focused travel website that provides various travel guides and recommendations for exploring Tokyo, Kyoto, and other parts of Japan. The site’s tagline is “Japan’s Best Travel Guide,” emphasizing its commitment to providing comprehensive and reliable information for individuals planning to travel to Japan.

Nature of Content

Destroy Tokyo aims to offer a range of informative and engaging content related to Japan travel. This content includes but is not limited to articles, blog posts, city guides, recommendations for tourist attractions, product recommendations, and general travel advice. The site’s primary goal is to assist users in planning and enhancing their travel experiences in Japan.

Editorial Independence

Destroy Tokyo is an independent platform that operates without any direct affiliation to specific travel companies, hotels, brands, or tourism organizations. The content presented on the website is solely based on the editorial team’s personal experiences, research, and expertise. Recommendations and reviews provided on Destroy Tokyo are impartial and unbiased.

Affiliate Links and Revenue Generation

To support the maintenance and development of the website, Destroy Tokyo may engage in affiliate marketing partnerships with various companies. This means that some of the outbound links on the site may be affiliate links, which generate a small commission for Destroy Tokyo if users make a purchase or booking through those links. However, this does not affect the overall cost to the user.

Transparency and Objectivity

Destroy Tokyo strives to maintain full transparency and provide accurate information to its users. However, readers should be aware that travel-related information may change over time, and the availability, prices, or recommendations mentioned on the site may no longer be up to date. It is advisable for visitors to double-check the details directly with the respective service providers or establishments before making any travel arrangements.

Terms of Use

By accessing and using Destroy Tokyo, you agree to abide by the site’s Terms of Use, outlined separately. These terms govern your use of the website and the information it provides.

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Last updated: 8/21/2023